2022 Poetry Competition Winners

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2022 Zoe Loren Foundation Poetry Contest!

Many thanks to our esteemed judges, Susan Goldstein and Stephanie Cassatly, for volunteering their time and expertise for our inaugural poetry contest.

Thank you to everyone who shared your beautiful and thoughtful poetry. We received over 140 submissions, and we are so inspired by the number of talented writers in our student community.

 10-12 Graders

1st Place – Undead Lesbian Lover, by Charlotte Lebedeker, Dreyfoos School of the Arts

2nd Place – Did You Know, by Alexander Goldstein (no relation to our judge, Susan Goldstein), Suncoast Community HS

3rd Place – Inland Empire, by Liam Ramsey, John I. Leonard HS

7-9 Graders

1st Place – A Fake Relationship, by A. Phoenix Baldwin, Wellington Community HS

2nd Place – A Third Eye, by Johan Montalvo, Don Estridge High Tech Middle School

3rd Place – Her World, by Rosemary Tanachaiwiwat, Don Estridge High Tech Middle School

Spoken Word

1st Place – Time ≠ Healing, by Nedjie Aurelien, Atlantic Community HS

2nd Pl – Perception, by Adam Shamash, Suncoast Community HS

To read all of the poems go to: https://zoelorenfoundationcontest.us.launchpad6.com/poetry2022/entries

Stay tuned for our next art contest to be announced.