Meyer Academy Scholarship Winners

Meyer Academy Recipients

Nolan Schwartz 2017-2018

Nolan Schwartz 2017-2021

Nolan is entering the first grade at Meyer Academy and he enjoys spending time in the STEM lab. When asked what his favorite thing was about Meyer Academy, his response was, “Everything!”

Ethan Geraghty 2016 – 2021

Ethan is a previous scholarship winner and will be receiving the scholarship again. Ethan will be entering the third grade at Meyer Academy. Ethan is very bright and creative! He loves art, music, performing arts, reading, LEGO robotics, STEM/coding and gymnastics. Ethan is always eager to participate in mitzvah projects at Meyer and at home. He donates the money that he collects in his tzedakah box, helps collect food for food pantries, and donates his gently-used toys and clothes to local families and organizations.
Martin Blanca 2014-2015-2016

Martin Blanca 2014 – 2016

Martin is entering into the 6th grade. He enjoys playing soccer and volunteering his time for charity.

Michael Barashick 2014-2015

Michael is a 7th grader who has great interests in Music and Hebrew studies.

Tal Schauder 2012-2013

A sixth grader from Meyer Jewish Academy is this year’s winner of the Zoe Loren Scholarship. Tal will receive $3,000 per year towards tuition until she graduates from Meyer Academy. Tal is a straight A student who has served as a representative, President, and Secretary of the Meyer Student Council. Tal is also a certified scuba diver and has participated in a volunteer clean up of the ocean floor. In addition, she has volunteered at Quantum House, assisting families of children being treated at St. Mary’s Hospital. We are proud to be giving the scholarship to a student like Tal.

Giuliana Blanca 2011 – 2013

Giuliana Blanca, a Meyer Academy 6th grader, is the most recent recipient of the Zoe Loren Make a Difference Foundation Scholarship. Giuliana will receive this scholarship each year until her graduation from Meyer Academy. Giuliana was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has lived here since she was two years old. Her teachers describe her as a hard-working and dedicated student, who always lends a helping hand to those around her. This generosity was evident recently when, instead of birthday gifts, Giuliana asked her friends to join her in making cards and sending donations to St. Jude Children’s Hospital. Giuliana and her friends raised $600 that day. Giuliana sent us a thank you letter where she states, “It is a big honor for me to maintain and try to increase the spirit that this scholarship represents. It is so great to have the feeling that I have accomplished something and can do whatever I believe in as long as I try my hardest.” We are proud to give a scholarship in Zoe’s memory to a student with such altruism and empathy for others. We thank all of our generous donors for making this possible.