About Zoe

Zoe truly loved life. In fact, her name means “life” in Greek. There were so many things she wanted to accomplish and the possibilities were endless for our beautiful Zoe. We frequently joked that Zoe would end up on Saturday Night Live someday, imitating well known people and making us laugh. Zoe had a great knack for physical humor and it was hard to be with her and not laugh. She helped us all not to take life so seriously.
The beauty of Zoe was that she had great empathy for others. She hated to see anyone suffer, whether from physical, mental or financial hardship. When Zoe was in New York City during a photography internship, she brought food to the homeless on Union Square on a daily basis. Zoe was generous with her time and volunteered often for a variety of causes. She was a sounding board for many friends, listening to their problems and offering advice. She met the many challenges of school and life with enthusiasm and optimism.

Zoe’s interests were in art and photography. Her dream was to be a creative director for a magazine and move to New York City. She often created video shoots of her friends, planning the location, wardrobe, and poses. Zoe also enjoyed making music CDs for friends and family, cooking, and baking. Her favorite flowers were daisies and sunflowers, and she enjoyed watching episodes of House, Glee and Top Chef. Zoe loved shopping at Anthropologie. She also loved to travel and was curious about the world around her. She often mentioned that she hoped to travel the world someday.

Zoe was a junior at Suncoast High School when she suddenly passed away after a brief illness, one week before her sixteenth birthday. There is no doubt that her intelligence and her dynamic personality would have led her down many wonderful roads in life. It will be hard to imagine a world without her contagious laugh filling up the room.